Attendance Bias

12/28/90 @ The Marquee, NYC w/Sue Drew

September 15, 2021 Brian Weinstein Season 1 Episode 56
Attendance Bias
12/28/90 @ The Marquee, NYC w/Sue Drew
Show Notes

Hi everybody, and welcome to today's episode of Attendance Bias. I am your host, Brian Weinstein.

I have to be honest: I love every single episode of Attendance Bias. I'm proud of every episode and I'm grateful to every single guest who's willing to come onto the show and talk about a favorite jam or a favorite show.

That said, I also have to tell you that, just like everyone, my interest of Phish goes beyond the music and extends into their history, the mythology of the band's early success, their behind-the-scenes action, and their business.

So an episode like today, where I get to interview a person who was absolutely crucial in their development, not only as a musical group, but as a force to be reckoned with within the music industry makes me come away glowing. And that interview today is with music industry legend, Sue Drew of Kobalt Music Publishing.

Not only does Sue work at Kobalt, but for a time in the late eighties and early nineties, she worked at Elektra Records. And during that time, she stumbled across a young foursome that was playing in New York City, known as Phish. I don't want to spoil the details, but Sue Drew, long story short, is the person who signed Phish to EleKtra records.

Even more importantly, Sue not only talks about the business side of her relationship with Phish, but it's very clear throughout her discussion that she is a fan dyed in the wool of the band and their music.

For today's episode sued decided to speak about December 28th, 1990 at a small venue that no longer exists in New York city called The Marquee. This is the first time that Sue ever saw Phish and, even more exciting, she tells us what inspired her to approach them, to sign them.

So that's enough from me. I just want to get to the episode as quickly as possible. Let's listen to my interview with superfan Sue Drew of Kobalt about December 28th, 1990 at The Marquee in New York City.

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