Attendance Bias

Buy Me A Coffee and "Ya Mar" from 7/11/14 at Randall's Island

May 15, 2022 Brian Weinstein Season 1 Episode 95
Attendance Bias
Buy Me A Coffee and "Ya Mar" from 7/11/14 at Randall's Island
Show Notes

Hi Everybody, and welcome to Attendance Bias. I am your host, Brain Weinstein. This is not a full episode of Attendance Bias, as it’s more of an announcement and a request. And then of course, one of my favorite tracks because I could not in good conscience ask you to listen to an episode of Attendance Bias without any Phish music.

First and foremost, Attendance Bias is a true labor of love. I never expect to get any sort of monetary profit out of it, and that doesn’t bother me for a second. My priority now remains the same as when I began this podcast during the early summer of 2020: to meet people who had a story about Phish, and who were eager to talk shop about the most unique live music experience possible in our lifetime.  In terms of satisfaction, Attendance Bias has paid for itself a million times over.

Like any other hobby or new venture, podcasting comes with its own costs. Without going into too much detail, a lot goes into the back-end of producing an episode of Attendance Bias. Many of the services that I utilize run on a subscription basis, meaning that there is a monthly cost that makes it a somewhat expensive hobby. Unlike a hobby such as painting or playing the guitar, where there’s a startup cost and then the rest of what you spend is by choice, podcasting has recurring costs on a monthly basis. 

To be clear, I don’t mind paying these costs. Attendance Bias has been one of the most satisfying creative projects of my life. I would pay double the amount to do it, if I had to. But  some of the services that I signed up for two years ago have recently upped their subscription costs, and like a toll bridge or a Ticketmaster surcharge, once the price goes up, it’s a safe assumption that it’s not going to come back down. 

It’s here where the hopeful begging comes in. I signed up for a page on to accept donations from listeners, and I’m asking you to donate anything you can to help keep the lights on at Attendance Bias. I didn’t set a price point or a monetary goal because like I said, costs are part of the deal when creating something that people enjoy. But now that some costs are rising for essential piece of the podcast, I see the writing on the wall and would appreciate any help any of you could provide to offset the costs and make it financially easier for me to keep the show up to the standard that you deserve. Seeing as this is just me in my apartment, I don’t foresee advertisements on Attendance Bias, and aside from the guest or guests on each episode, this is a one man show from start to finish. 

If you enjoy Attendance Bias and have the ability to donate even a small amount of money, please go to The website is spelled exactly as it sounds. Once you visit there, there are options for how much you want to donate, and believe me, every cent is appreciated and will 100% go toward the operating costs of Attendance Bias. 

I want to thank everyone who has already contributed, and thank you in advance to anybody who contributes in the future. Again, if I’m lucky enough to receive your contribution, the website is bias. Thank you a million times over.

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